Arthur Oglesby – Fly Fishing: Volumes 1-3

Arthur Oglesby - Fly Fishing: Volumes 1-3 [DVD]

Release Date: May 2, 2005
Studio: Green Umbrella
Artist: Fly Fishing
Runtime: 165 minutes

AN INTRODUCTION TO FLY FISHING One of the best ways to learn to catch fish is by watching some of the great, successful anglers at work, and that's just what "Fly Fishing" does. Guided by celebrated angler Arthur Oglesby these programmes explore the techniques and tactics of this thrilling sport, as well as accompanying distinguished anglers on many of the finest fishing waters in Britain. TROUT, GRAYLING AND SALMON Although fly fishing is a pastime which mankind has enjoyed for centuries, it has become increasingly popular in recent years and today more and more anglers find their way to the banks of their lo stream, stillwater or salmon river to try their hand at this fascinating sport. STILLWATER FLY FISHING "FLY FISHING" Volume 3 features some of the most respected names in the sport. In difficult conditions these masters of the art of fly fishing really show their experience to the full. When most of us have a poor result, these anglers consistently catch fish. Approximate running time 170 minutes.