Gundam Wing – Vol. 1 – Shooting Stars

Gundam Wing - Vol. 1 - Shooting Stars [DVD]

Release Date: March 25, 2002
Studio: Beez Entertainment
Actors: Mark Hildreth, Scott McNeil, Kirby Morrow, Brad Swaile, Ted Cole
Runtime: 125 minutes

Mobile Suit W: Gundam Wing--Shooting Stars contains the first four 25-minute episodes of the English-language version of a 49-part anime adventure set during a future when colonies throughout the solar system struggle for freedom from a dictatorial Earth government. In "The Shooting Star She Saw" 15-year-old rebel pilot Heero brings one of five giant fighting machines--Gundams--to Earth and Relena, lonely teenage daughter of Earth's Vice-Foreign Minister, finds him injured and washed-up on a beach. In "The Gundam Deathscythe" Heero recovers a Gundam suit from the ocean bed, while Relena continues to fall in love with him despite his vow to kill her. "Gundams Confirmed" and "The Victoria Nightmare" continue the fast-paced but often confusing action, with Heero being taken prisoner and escaping. The quieter moments are often beautifully animated though the big set-pieces betray the television budget. The plot owes much to previous Gundam sagas--which date back to 1979 and were originally very much a Japanese response to the success of Star Wars in 1977--yet fails to equal the high standard of such predecessors as Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995). The episodes are presented unedited, and the dubbing is very well done.--Gary S Dalkin