Jesus – The Revolutionary

Jesus - The Revolutionary [DVD] [Region 0]

Release Date: November 14, 2011
Studio: Big Book Media

We read the stories. We sing the songs. We attend church. But sometimes we forget the real Jesus. This series of short films offers seven fresh perspectives on the very character of Jesus. Each film crafts together stunning drama footage of the Gospel stories illustrating challenging teaching from Andy Frost. The films take you on a journey into Scripture that both questions and comforts. With wrap around resources, the series is ideal for churches and small groups. This is your opportunity to encounter Jesus afresh. We are called to be followers of Jesus but that can be difficult. The footprints of the physical Jesus have long since disappeared and instead we often follow a set of rules or spiritual to-do lists. It is time to get back to following Jesus again and to do this we must first grapple to understand the very identity of Jesus. Andy Frost loves to pioneer new projects helping the Church to engage more effectively with contemporary culture. He is director of Share Jesus International, an organisation that is passionate in communicating the good news about Jesus in our ever-changing times.