Judge John Deed : Complete BBC Series 2 [2001]

Judge John Deed : Complete BBC Series 2 [2001] [DVD]

Release Date: February 12, 2007
Studio: 2entertain
Actors: Martin Shaw, Jenny Seagrove, Barbara Thorn, Simon Chandler, Louisa Clein
Directors: G.F. Newman, Jonny Campbell, Andy Hay, David Kew
Runtime: 356 minutes

Good-looking, fit and fifty-something, Judge John Deed is not your average High Court Judge. He has a rakish charm that belies his sharp intellect. His passion for justice and his maverick approach set him at odds with the Lord Chancellor's department. This Judge's individual approach too often flies in the face of convention, as he determinedly avoids the traditionalism the system tries to force upon him. SERIES 2 20026. Political Expediency7. Abuse of Power8. Nobody's Fool9. Everyone's Child