Sailor Moon Season One Part Two (Blu-ray+DVD combo)

Sailor Moon Season One Part Two (Blu-ray+DVD combo)

Release Date: February 10, 2015
Actors: Various
Directors: Various
Runtime: 530 minutes
Language: Japanese, English

Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars continue their quest for the Legendary Silver Crystal as two new powerful allies join the fight. Sailor Jupiter is the tall and tough Guardian of Thunder, and Sailor Venus is the Guardian of Love and the most experienced member.

Sailor Moon herself gets an impressive new power and learns more about the mysterious Tuxedo Mask. Could their distant past be intertwined, and does that have anything to do with the Moon Princess they seek? The final ordeal with Queen Beryl looms on the horizon, and it will take everything the Sailor Guardians have to be victorious!

Contains episodes 24-46.

Special Features Include - Sailor Moon Day Convention Event Highlights, Moonlight Memories Part 1, Full Anime Expo Sailor Moon Panel and Cast Announcement, Official Cosplay Teams Interviews, Clean Opening and Ending, Art Galleries, Trailers.

This set is designed to fit inside your Sailor Moon Limited Edition set 1. Keep both parts of the epic season 1 together in your shimmery LE set!