The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (Collector’s Edition)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray]

Release Date: April 19, 2016
Studio: Shout! Factory
Actors: Dennis Hopper, Caroline Williams, Bill Moseley
Directors: Tobe Hooper
Runtime: 101 minutes
Language: English

A retired Texas Ranger pursues a killer named Leatherface and his family of chainsaw-wielding cannibals.

Special Features Include:

Disc 1: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part Two (New HD Transfer)

-2016 2K HD scan of the inter-positive film element
-Audio commentary with director of photography Richard Kooris, production designer Cary White, script supervisor Laura Kooris, and property master Michael Sullivan
-Audio commentary with director Tobe Hooper
-Audio commentary with actors Bill Moseley, Caroline Williams, and special effects makeup creator Tom Savini
-Extended outtakes from “It Runs in the Family” featuring L.M. Kit Carson and Lou Perryman (30 minutes)
-Behind-the-scenes footage compilation from Tom Savini’s archives (43 minutes)
-Alternate opening credit sequence
-Deleted Scenes
-Still galleries including posters and lobby cards, behind-the-scenes photos, stills, and collector’s gallery
-Theatrical trailers
-TV spots
Disc 2: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part Two (Original HD Transfer)

-MGM’s original HD Master with color correction supervision by director of photography Richard Kooris
-“House of Pain:” An interview with make-up effects artists Bart Mixon, Gabe Bartalos, Gino Crognale, and John Vulich (42 minutes)
-“Yuppie Meat:” An interview with actors Chris Douridas and Barry Kinyon (19 minutes)
-“Cutting Moments:” An interview with editor Alain Jakubowicz  (17 minutes)
-“Behind the Mask:” An interview with stunt-man and Leatherface performer Bob Elmore (14 minutes)

-“Horror’s Hallowed Grounds:” Revisiting the locations of the film, hosted by Sean Clark and a special guest (25 minutes)
-“It Runs in the Family:” A six part feature-length documentary featuring interviews with screenwriter L.M. Kit Carson, actors Bill Moseley, Caroline Williams, Bill Johnson, Lou Perryman, special makeup effects artist Tom Savini, and more… (84 minutes)